DS Introduction Part 1/2: Wrangling


So. You're interested in data science, but you don't know where to start. I want to let you know; you've come to right place.

Today, we'll dive into a process known as "data wrangling"... That word makes me think of cowboys for some reason. But seriously, finding good data and getting it into a pandas data-frame can actually be half the battle. I'll make sure you guys know how to find and load a dataset of your choice and do some quick analysis.

I'm thrilled to jump into the world of data wrangling with you. Let's get started.

  • tags: jupyter notebook, pandas, import, packages, data science, wrangling, datasets, clean, start, introduction, mining, beginners



Saturday Oct 17th, 10:00pm to 11:15pm (GMT)

Presented By:

Seth Hamilton

About the Speaker(s):

Seth has traded stocks using machine learning, used data science skills/tools in school labs for years, and is a Datathon 2019 competitor.

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