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Build Your Own

Build your own dataset! You can source it from your fellow Datathoners, combine multiple existing datasets, scrape it from the web, and more. Use the data to tell a story or point out an interesting result. This challenge is very open ended, so be creative. We're sure it's gonna be cool 👩‍💻

How We Judge

  • Purpose: Communicated a clear understanding of the dataset
  • Framework: Mapped out a specific issue or point of interest
  • Data Use: Effectively used data and/or acquired additional data
  • Models & Analytics: Effective application of analytics
  • Validation: Assessed quality of solutions & models
  • Impact: Clear description of the impact of the solution
  • Presentation: Effectiveness, engagement, and performance


Be sure to submit to our devpost and include as much information as you think is helpful to show off your hard work.


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  • JBL Tune 660NC Headphones
  • $50 Gift Card