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Getting Started

Welcome to TAMU Datathon! We hope that you learn a lot and feel more confident in your abilities as a Data Scientist. Take a look at the challenges that we are offering this year by clicking on the links in the side navigation.

Also be sure to check out the competition rules page as it has some important guidelines.

How do you compete?

Form a team of up to four people. Then, check out the challenges and try them out! Start hacking, and keep notes and pictures of your journey as you go.

If you need help, make sure to ask a mentor or go on the #help channel on discord.


If you are attempting a Sponsor Challenge. You should attend their workshop as they might give hints and guidance on how to attempt their challenge.

Once you are ready, you can submit your project to the challenge.

It's okay if your code isn't totally complete! It is still good to submit an incomplete project as judges will be looking at your process as well as your results. Just make sure you save enough time for the submission write-up.


Remember, a project can only be submitted to one challenge. If you have a project that can apply to multiple challenges, that's okay! Just make different project submissions for each challenge. Make sure to tailor each project submission to the challenge, don't just copy paste the same information.

Again, check the rules for more information.

What challenges can I compete in?

You can see the challenges by clicking the links in the sidebar or by visiting the challenges homepage.

Where do I submit my project(s)

Submissions will be done on Devpost. There you can select the challenge your submitting for, add a link to your 3 minute YouTube video, and create your write up.

There might be challenge specific information you have to fill out so be ready to provide the information it asks for.


You can make a draft of your project well before the submission deadline. Then, when you are ready, you can submit it. It really takes away the stress of submitting at 10am.